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>> and i'm mindy basara, thank you for joining us. let's take a look at weather and trafficing this wednesday morning. looks like it was hot yesterday. >> 91. that broke a record for us. 55 times we've been 09 or above this summer. -- we've been 90 or above this summer. the next couple of days it will cool off into the 70's. we've had a little of a front that came through triggering a couple showers. coming through the western suburbs through fret rick and howard county. we'll put a 30% chance in there that you'll run into a little bit of rain early. a slight chance for a shower this morning. breezy and warm this afternoon with a high temperature of 88. we'll check your seven-day forecast coming up. >> nothing having a major
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impact at this hour. one vehicle that pun out into the guardrail at executive drive in howard county. meantime another one still being cleared in anne arundel county. 261 at -- 51 miles per hour on southbound 95 coming out of the northeast. west side checking out fine, and the rest of the major roadways looking good. a live view 29 at 32 and in howard county, things looking good. on the east side, smooth ride toward the key bridge at this hour. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> howard county police are trying to determine if an apartment fire was intentionally set. >> after the discovery of a woman's body and a man seriously injured. jennifer franciotti? no. ok. the story, the man found inside
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the apartment was tan to shock trauma suffering from serious injuries. jennifer? >> the fire broke out before 3:00 tuesday afternoon on colombia. when firefighters arrived they found the body of a woman inside and a seriously-injured man. we don't think the injuries or the death of this woman were caused by the fire. looks like another cause. >> investigators say it's unclear whether a domestic dispute or a third party is to blame. >> it's shocking and heartbreaking. this woman has four beautiful children. >> friends say the couple in their 30's was raising two girls and two boice ranging from 6 to 17. >> all of them are very good kids. well mannered. well behaved. i wish i had the space. i'd take them in myself. because she was an k3e7pingsnal mom to those kids. and to know that those kids' mom is gone now is heart-wrenching.
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it's very heart-wrenching. >> neighbors tell 11 news the two youngest children walked home from school to meet their mom and instead found their building cordened off by police tape. friends swung between grieving and worrying about the intact it would have on the children. >> i hope they will be able to continue and remember their mom for who she was. >> meanwhile, a howard county family is without a home this morning after their house catches fire. this also happened yesterday morning around 4:00 a.m. luckily everyone made it out safely. the investigation has been handed over to arson investigators. >> after learning the man accused of killing their family member is out of jail on bond, 26-year-old james william king was arrested for an act of road rage that left 40-year-old
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calvin ewan dead. he was accused of shooting mr. ewan but now that he is out of police custody the family say they fear for their own safety as well as that of others. >> we just keep all the doors locked right now. we don't know where he is. we kind of scared right now. >> a spokesperson for the anne arundel county state's attorney's office say king was originally denied a bail hearing but that changed when a judge reduced bond to $1 million. a man who sells newspapers this morning was injured during a police chase in west baltimore. officers from the regional auto theft task force were following a stolen car when it followed and the car went of a median strip and struck the newspaper salesman. the man driving that car was taken into police custody. >> in just a mat eof hours the
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first official report into the explosion that led to the massive gulf oil spill will be released by bp. the company will make known its own internal findings. >> it was an explotion that triggered the worst oil spill in u.s. history. 11 rig workers killed. now 143 days later, bp is about to release findings of its own internal investigation into what caused that explosion on the deepwater horizon oil rig. according to those familiar with the report. the british oil giant will put some of the blame on itself for mistakes made when finishing the drilling of the well and including a misreading showing an explotion was imminent and leaks to ultimately ledo the explosion. but while the oil giant will
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take on some responsibility, but it's also expected to put some of the blame on the owner of the rig, transocean. just what role transocean played is not clear. >> i think the entire gulf of mexico energy industry is going to be altered by this accident. still bp's internal report is far from the final word as the f.b.i. begins to inspect the failed -- brought up from the sea floor and now the criminal investigation into the accident. an accident and disaster the government has promised those responsible will pay for. kristin dahlgren, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the highway safety group is giving higher marks to manufacturers for turning out better child booster seats. results crash tests of 72 booster seats. rating 20 as best bets and
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seven as good bets saying manufacturers have made production improvements over last year when only nine were best bets and six were good bets. in this test another 36 were rated in between paning they could work in some vehicles but not all and eight car seats fell into the not-recommended category this year. >> president obama heads to cleveland today to unveil his newest plan to unveil tax brakes for businesses. things like computers, tractors and generators expected to save businesses $200 billion over two years. the hope is to spark job creation and encourage spending. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think the president's plan can speed up economic recovery in america? eemail your response to us at 5:37. 74 degrees on tv hill. still ahead this morning.
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those of you who cook with non-stick pans could be putting your children at risk. >> and the link between childhood obesity and the sweets children eat at night. >> and one problem that should be out shortly in howard county. that's coming up.
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>> welcome back. the time is 40 minutes after 5:00. partly cloudy skies on this wednesday morning. 77 degrees at the top of the hour. downtown a mild start for us. it's going to to be another warm day for us. cold front is going through pigging up a few showers. moving eastbound. so we'll put a 30% chance that you'll run into a brief shower
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early this morning. that's your forecast. that far breezy an warm this afternoon with a high temperature around 88 degrees. we come back and check your seven-day forecast going into the weekend for now over to the news desk. >> in this morning's merritt merit. infant and children who don't get enough nighttime sleep could be at risk for obesity later. 1/3 of the children who didn't were obese and a higher b.m.i. al resulted. >> the non-stick cook wear many of you use could be putting your children's health at risk as the compounds are linked to high cholesterol on children and teens.
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samplals of over ,000 children in addition they looked at the concentration of non-stick cookware and lvl there was a link. and waterproofing material. >> the time is now 5:4 2, 72 degrees on tv hill. a school evacuated in the middle of the day. details ahead. >> and a polling place at towson university. but are students taking advantage of early voting? that's straight ahead. >> we thought yesterday -- more >> we thought yesterday -- more weather when we come back. like the new double bacon & cheese omelet sandwich! they're all new. toasty, tasty, and made to your order. so come and build your better breakfast today, at subway!
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>> good morning to you. sara caldwell checking on your morning commute. one accident of note. eastbound 100 at executive drive. we're waiting for that to be cleared. in the meantime, 50 miles per hour, volumes continuing to
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build approaching the northeast. 895 south checking in at lumbar. if you're headed around reisterstown road. 55 miles per hour. if you're traveling to the airport, all the major roadways leading up to the airport look great at this hour. 29 at 3 2. north and southbound 29 through howard county equally smooth and smooth ride on the east side as you approach the key bridge. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. now the latest on the buses and trains. for that we go to vanderbilt. -- vanetta. >> continue to watch out for the 5, 19, 27 lines diverted. the 10 and 30 line diverted and the 27 line diverted. the 39 line, pratt and green. all due to construction. light rail and the metro continue to run problem-free.
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and the mark train reporting no delays. for the mta transit team i'm vanetta brooks. now to tony pann. >> let's look at the record books. it's been an extreme year for us. a record with the amount of snow, 77 inches. now this summer we've broben a record. yesterday we made it up to 91 making it 55 days we've had 90 degrees or better and seven days with over 100 or better after 19 8's 54 over 0-degree days. today 75 at the airport. 77 downtown. we should cruise into the upper 80's this afternoon. producing light showers and sprinkles. as that progresses to the east, there's a 30% chance as you run into rain. dry out here. we could use a good, soaking rain.
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the cold air will lag behind. even though the cold air will come through tonight and tomorrow. after that, high pressure will take control, and the little taste of autumn will settle in again at the end of the week. slight chance for rain this morning. high temperatures in the upper 80's this amp. going to be breezy as well. clear tonight and turning cooler. temperatures will drop back into the 50's. during the day tomorrow. big canadian area of high pressure will settle in across the great lakes. a cooling wind for us. temperatures will stay in the 70's for the next couple of days all the way through the end of the week. high of 78 on thursday. breezy tomorrow. overnight lows will drop into the 50's. 77, high for thursday, near 80 on saturday and much-needed rain maybe on sunday.
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only a 307 chance on it. but that will be our next chance for a significant rainfall. 30%. sending it back to the news desk. >> stuentsdz at a baltimore coun cafe school were forced to leave in the middle of the day because of reported gas fumes. everyone at the catholic school were rushed out. the department of maryland hasn't determined the gas leak but looking into whether or not it came from a royal farms store. the same store that forced a family from their home in december. royal farms released a statement saying at this point in time we have no reason to believe that the presence of the gas smell in the school is related to royal farls. further more we have no reason to believe today's incident is in any way related to the red feick matter. >> some catholic students sexual abused to a brand-new
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school, holy angles catholic school opened with the arch bishop giving his blessings. holy angles catholic is located in caton avenue. there are currently 191 students enrolled. >> in this morning's commitment 2010, some baltimore coun residents are heading to a local campus to place their early voting. >> tim tooten with what kind of effect, if any, this is having on potential student voters. >> a college campus for some may seem like the most unlikely location to set up a polling place. not so for those who cast their balance lets early at the towson administration building. >> my mother is a new resident in maryland, so i'm happy to have a place that's convenient where we can go together.
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>> the college campus is that place? >> it's in the middle of everything. >> it made the campus newspaper and the editor in chief says students have taken notice. >> after the buzz starts getting around, a lot of them are talking about it. if they are not voting here they are still getting their appetites wet and thinking about it maybe after the primary when the general erection starts picking up. >> students who say they are trying to get the word out, they say it's getting catching on. >> they want to know where the polling places are and asking the right questions and getting involved. >> even having voter register vacation tables at events and students are coming to our table excited to be ready to vote. >> the student government association says it's no accidenttous season among those making it easier for students and the general public to cast ballots early. >> we had students testify for
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the state legislature for this exact initiative because a lot of our students find it hard to travel home on election day to go to their specific precincts. >> and there's the hope students won't just be aware of the location, but actually cast their ballots. timothy geithner, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the towson student government association says it's goal is to register at least 1,000 students this fall. >> will you be taking part in early voting? you can find early voting polling places in your community at >> the time is 745:51. >> here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers for maryland. good luck.
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astronauts orbiting the skies and miners drapped deep below the earth. don't appear to have a lot in common, but they do. sharing their knowledge help 33 miners trapped below. >> we've been impressed with the organization of the team. >> days after making contact with chilean miners underground, a space health expert 2r0ur7bd johnson space
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center. anytime that you have individuals in a stressfull, isolated environment, the human response is similar. >> duncan was the leader of a four-person team from nasa requested by the chill lean government on how to meet the miners nutritional and mental needs is key. >> athletes a ipod brought up periodically for recharging. >> sanitation stations have been set up for using the rest room and showers but they could develop rab dough my lithes. >> muscle breakdown. because they were sleeping on the rocks and due to the starve vacation, they were feeting off of muscle. >> the miners now have plenty of help top side but at first they had to result in eating
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just a spoon full of tuna and drinking an inch of milk every other day for 17 days. >> they said the return to society is crurel. >> this their own rithe they will have a certain celebrity status within their country. there will be a lot of pressures put upon them. >> officials say a rescue could take up to four months but they believe the miners have what it takes to make it. >> i cannot imagine. a tiny movie projector has been lowered down to the miners along with journals. >> send a big jar of tang down. still drink tang. time to some answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> this morning we asked do you think the president's plan can speed up economic recovery in america? >> well karen writes no. obama has to start listening to what the people want. stop spending. it's just like the health care
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bill, he just keeps cramming it down our throats. stop doing what -- start doing what we want instead of what you think is best for us. we'll read more the next hour and post them on our website. >> here's a look at our next hour of 11 news today. >> a fire destroys dozens of homes. >> hotel up in the tree? >> we'll explain. >> plus a new baltimore program is looking to decrease the rate of baltimore's obesity. >> only a slight chance for rain this morning. we'll check the seven-day forecast in a moment. >> and waiting for delays to develop. good news to report on the one accident in howard county. that's next.
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